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The CEREC Primescan, the state of the art technology used at Revival Dental, allows us to take high precision digital impressions in our office. This means no goopy, putty impressions of the past.

Advanced Technology
Same-day Crowns

At Revival Dental, we have eliminated much of the hassle that comes with the process of getting a crown. Dr. Neumeyer uses state of the art technology called a CEREC Primescan to offer same-day crowns to her patients. This allows increased comfort and efficiency for our patients by utilizing CAD/CAM technology.

Dr. Neumeyer uses this machine to take a digital impression of the tooth she is working on... no gagging with those goopy impressions of the past! This machine then communicates with an in-office milling unit to make the crowns while you are in the dental chair. While you wait on your crown, you can enjoy our many amenities such as cozy blankets and neck pillows. Catch up on your latest Netflix show or Disney+ for the kiddos! This also means no temporary crown, getting numb again, and returning to our office for another visit. We know your time is valuable, so efficiency is a top priority.


The crown is precisely designed to your specific tooth, which allows for a better fitting crown. They are made directly by Dr. Neumeyer with the same durable, high strength materials instead of sending to a third party laboratory. These materials are made of high quality porcelain or zirconia that look exactly like your natural teeth.


Single visit crowns are a game changer for our patients, and we are proud to offer the latest technology in the industry! Call us at 504-889-1209 to schedule.

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