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Dental X-Rays

  • Dental x-rays are used to evaluate your overall dental health by giving a bigger picture than what we can see by only looking in the mouth. We use x-rays to:

    • Look between your teeth for decay (or cavities)

    • Check for bone loss. Early detection of bone loss is essential in keeping you healthy by treating the problem before it is too late.

    • Check for decay under fillings and crowns

    • Check for infection at the tip of the roots or in the bone.

    • Check for any abnormalities in your jaws

  • Are dental x-rays safe?

    • We utilize 100% digital x-rays in our office. This significantly reduces the amount of radiation compared to traditional x-rays. They are safer, faster, and much more comfortable for the patient.​

    • We are all exposed to natural radiation every day in our environment.  Even though digital x-rays produce a minimal level of radiation and are deemed very safe, we still take precautions to limit exposure. 

    • Low risk, High reward. Detecting and treating dental problems before they become big problems saves you time, money, and discomfort!

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